Library of Economics and Liberty: EconTalk Podcast

I consume most of my information online through RSS feeders and podcast applications.

I try to allocate roughly 15% of my subscription lists for new content. I’ll often add new podcasts and RSS subscriptions in hopes of discovering a permanent staple.

During this discovery process I stumbled upon a wonderful economics resource called the Library of Economics and Liberty, or EconLib for short. The EconLib website is a treasure trove of economic material presented in a didactic format.

I discovered EconLib by adding their weekly podcast EconTalk to my podcast queue. EconTalk is a mix of one-on-one discussions using today’s news, books and topics to illustrate economic principles in practice.

It’s a real delight to hear important economic issues discussed by economists in the context of our current economic milieu.

The host Russ Roberts is a professor of economics and poses the perfect combination of challenging, insightful and clarifying questions.

It was their most recent podcast on income inequality that inspired me to write this post. Economics professor Robert Frank and Russ Roberts held an inquisitive discussion with both philosophical ideas and empirical evidence presented.

It’s these types of essential conversations that you’re hard pressed to find in today’s fast paced financial news echo chamber.