Who is Dusty Dean?

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for taking some time to learn more about me.

My name is Dusty. I am an entrepreneur who is enjoys learning about science, technology, and progress, and all topics that intersect.

This is an obsession that began in my childhood where I have two distinct memories: reading and electronics. I was constantly dissecting clocks to understand how they work, rewiring radios, and I began programming after my parents generously gifted me an IBM 5170 AT. I was also reading any book that was available to me, indiscriminate of subject matter. I just enjoyed learning.

In 2009 I launched my first company, BITCADET, a software development and design firm. Today, our focus has shifted to providing full-service, cutting edge digital consulting services for manufacturers. This is work I am still passionate about because I get to help clients solve and excel through complex business problems. Plus, it’s a job I get to learn something new in almost daily.

Outside of BITCADET, I am working on launching my latest project, an entrepreneur incubator called Seedzi. Here, I am focusing on teaching others how to prosper through the journey of launching their own successful business. My experiences have shown me how rewarding it is to watch others learn and grow, and Seedzi serves as a strong conduit for this personal growth.

I’m excited to have you read my work and learn along with me. I’ll cover topics I’m currently reading about, link ideas from different sources, and sometimes offer a thoughtful essay. Join along and be sure to comment if anything sparks your interest or a question.